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Hi there, I’m Vincent.

On-screen I’m know as Vincent Vermignon. I’m an actor in action.

Everything I do is about taking action. When you hire me for your film, series, play, interactive-adventure-virtual-reality-ride, every job I commit to is one where I’ll surprise you with how ready I am to give you everything you ask for and more.

Thing is, I love to collaborate. For me, this ain’t about ego, it’s about finding people who make awesome stuff that they’re passionate about, stuff that sparks my spirit, and then giving those inspiring creators the inside of my soul.

Before I pledged my passion to performing, I lived a corporate life. That experience brings my actor self a sense of balance because I know that when you want to make great things happen, you gotta work hard and keep a healthy perspective. As an entrepreneur, I know all about getting big ideas off the ground and making them real.

My compass points towards an international career, one that’ll use my trilingual talents and worldly outlook to the fullest. Right now I’m in Paris, ready to dive into the anglophone acting pool with every fiber of my being set and ready to make a huge splash. My hustle muscle is seriously strong and pumped with potential.

I give no grief, I just add to your momentum, your vision, your creative power.

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Here’s my official resumé…

Languages & Description

Hair Color: Black

French (mother tongue)

Eye Color: Dark Brown

English (bilingual)

Height: 1m90 / 6'3"

Créole (bilingual)

Weight: 88kg / 194lb

Spanish (fluent)
Feature Films

Directed by Serge Poyotte

2018: "Le coeur est une fête"
Lead Supporting Role (French language)

Directed by Sarah ARLEN

2017: "Twice"
Lead Supporting Role (English Language)

Directed by Jean Claude BARNY

2016: "Le Gang des Antillais"
Lead Supporting Role (French & Créole Languages)

Directed by Lucien JEAN-BAPTISTE

2015: "Dieumerci"
Supporting Role (French Language)

Directed by Cheyenne CARON

2015: "Patries"
Supporting Role (French Language)

Directed by Lucien JEAN-BAPTISTE

2011: "30 Degree Couleur"
Supporting Role (Créole& French Language)

Created by Jamie Payne

2018: "Luther-Season 5"
Guest Role

Created by Eleanore Lindo

2018: "Ransom-Season 2"
Guest Role

Created by Stéphane MEUNIER, Vincent TRISOLINI, François BIGRAT

2014 - 2016: "Cut - Season 2 - 4"
Lead Role (French Language)

Created by Jean-Marc BRONDOLO

2014: "Les Hommes de L'Ombre"
Supporting Role (French Language)

Created by Charlotte BRANDSTROM

2013: "Bleu Catacombe"
Supporting Role (French Language)
Short Films

Directed by Nicolas Polixène

2018: "American dream"
Lead Role (French and English language)

Directed by Emile Ebrahim Kelly

Lead Role (English Language)

2018 London Calling Film Scheme selection

Directed by Khris Burton

2016: "Society"
Lead Role (English Language)

Official Selection Nominee at the Chelsea Film Festival and the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival

Directed by Khris BURTON

2014: Maybe Another Time
Lead Role (English Language)

Jury Prize and Audience Prize at the Filminute Festival

Directed by Nadia CHARLERY

2013: "Entre Deux"
Lead Role (French Language)

Special Mention by the Jury for Best Actor for the “Prix de Court” Film Festival

Directed by MAHARAKI

2013: "Vivre"
Lead Role (French Language)

Best Short Film at the International Festival of the Bahamas


Directed by Hervé DELUGE

2016: "Romyo et Julie"
Lead Role (French and Créole Language)

Scène Nationale de Martinique, Martinique

Directed by Gaël Octavia

2015: "Cette Guerre Que Nous N'Avons Pas Faite"
Lead Role (French Language)

Rencontre ETC Caraïbe au Musée Dapper, Paris

Text by Euripedes

2013: "Medee"
Supporting Role (French Language)

Festival d’Avignon

Directed by Jean Michel Ribbes

2012: "Les Cent Pas et Tragedie"
Supporting Role (French Language)

Festival du film Amateur de Fort de France

Training & Education

Explored the complexity of characterisation and creativity inherent in Tennessee Williams' masterpiece.

2018 « Tennessee Williams »
Intensive Actor Training with Jordan Beswick

Actor-to-Actor training with Damien Acoca

2015: "The Emotional Bubble"
Explored the range of emotions while staying truthful.

Intensive Actor Training with Raymond Acquaviva

2012 - 2014: "The 'Sudden' Workshop"
Formal acting education for theater and film.

'Melody of the Eyes' training with Daniel Berlioux

2013: "On-Camera Acting"
Techniques for film acting to enhance on-camera presence.

Performance training with Julie Mauduech

2012: "Actor's Workshop"
Basic acting training with a professional acting coach.

Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Rennes

Masters & Bachelor's Degrees in International Business

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