The Small’s highness-Episode 2

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Still in London!

A year ago, I went to the S.O.U.L. Film Festival at the BFI to present “S0.Ci3.Ty” directed by Khris Burton. The massively positive feedback I received from the present audience and professionals definitely motivated me to try something as an actor here in the UK. That being said, I had already had some green lights before coming from The Big Smoke: with the 1-minute-short movie called “Maybe Another Time” from the same director, we gathered in 2013 not less than 3 awards in a London-based festival. 🙂 Proud!

Being most of my time now in the UK, it is so great and inspiring to share with people who see Acting Craft the same way I do, who enjoy the same joints and whose productions are top-quality narrative entertainment products.

For comparaison, being in a relationship with someone who does like you makes thing easier. And if you like her in return..well just go and pop champagne!

Yeah, I like the British flavour.

Thanks to one of my last philosophical moments-which generally take place when I had a few beers on an empty stomach-I reached to this conclusion: the best way to know who we are, is to know what we love. Example 1: I love basketball, pains au chocolat, apples, endless football debates, video games and homies. Much information in a blink, right?

Things we love to experience punctuate our days, people we love to spend time with are to make us feel great. I do think that an actor’s craft can be even more described or defined by what he loves and prefer.

Example 2 (As an Actor): I love Michael Fassbender’s craft, I am not a big fan of classical theatre, I love going to the movie alone but you will never see me in a restaurant on my own. It does stresses me out.

We are what we love. And if you love what we are, then Happiness is around the corner.

And you, who are you? Oh sorry! – What do you love?