The Small’s highness-Episode 1

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Writing from a fake “rustique” cafĂ© in North London.

Already-used tables and client keeping their voice low to respect the cosy and intellectual ambiance very willingly inspired by the continental owner.

Classical musical playing in the back surrounding a lazy punk couple’s Cockney talks, slouched next to me in an more than exhausted leather sofa. That is the context I write you from.

I am about to send you letters in which you may find details about my journey and experience as an man, actor, from the French Caribbean, nearsighted and astigmatic. Questionings, answers and mistakes I may have will there be unveiled. Life is made of sensations that I’ll share with photos, tunes and little stories punctuating pretty-busy and dull-as-hell days.

Sharing one’s life details online might be very self-conscious all the more if you stress only on successes and bright corners. So, all you do, is just talk about yourself but avoid the tasty-spicy but uncomfortable bit. It does work but I’ll compare it with a mild peri-peri chicken leg. It is good is undoubtedly lame.

I’ll then do my best to not go down that road..with of course British-inspired reserve.

If you read this lines, welcome and bless up!