Love is the Only Solution

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In fact I just realized that it was more an advantage than a downfall to be double-cultured. Instead of being ripped apart between two worlds, I can just take advantage of both. This is just so rich to be able to enjoy very French things like enjoying a coffee and cigarette on a terrace in the Parisian busy streets and then getting hot on a pure dance-hall hit. The solution would then be to be grateful for the opportunity to be multiple.

Sure, it is more complex and requires more energy for adaptation, but I am realizing how it has developed my openness to the world.

Yeah, I was lost sometimes and it might have been painful. Click To Tweet

I forced myself to eat or to listen things I didn’t like. But, you know what, thanks or because of that, I can say now that I master the major codes of the European culture. So now I am cruising in it, with my Caribbean flow and looking forward to meeting new people.

What's more, I have noticed that this multiplicity is a fantastic tool as an actor. Click To Tweet

I can put a specific flavor, an international one, in to my characterizations. I know that I am able to suggest a unique interpretation to directors.

When you have a look at it. Love is the only solution. Love what you’ve got, love your stories, even the darkest ones; they’ll be your best allies in your future adventures and even business opportunities.

Let us be ourselves, let us be unique. Boom!