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28 Aug Maybe This Time..(Part 2)

As I said, this short-movie really changed the game regards to my career. Our goal to be part of the Filminute Festival Official Selection was reached and even more..We actually won three awards there! Not one, not two, but three awards: People’s Choice Award/Jury’s Recommendation Award/Top-Rated Film Award. We just went nuts about that tremendous success.

We then realized our movie got quickly viral thanks to his very short length. It is way easier to share very short videos on social media than more involving contents demanding a considerable effort to isolate yourself from the noisy Internet and focus.

We couldn’t expect that much reward and I couldn’t figure how this little movie would impact my life: I decided to edit a 2-minute reel shaped around Maybe Another Time to prospect Talent Agencies . Once again, it worked straight away! I have been in agencies for 3 years now.

Now I understand the “1-minute speech” fantasy. It actually works. Casting directors and agents are constantly harassed by more or less important notifications. How can you make a difference? How can you be noticed in such a jungle of people who just want a step in this fierce industry? I think I might have an answer..

The best way to be noticed by professionals is to act on a good script. I mean a VERY VERY VERY good… Click To Tweet

Maybe Another Time  is successful most essentially thanks to its punchy and amazingly effective script. As an actor, when your character’s journey is clear, relevant and does make sense, it is much easier for you to generate a spot-on performance. It might seems obvious and lame but I’d strongly advise you guys to stop accepting any kind of project in order for you to have enough “footage” and edit a clumsy showreel. You’d be better cherry pick the best script ever for you right now to act on. Even the tiniest!

You want to know how it has been going for me since the “Maybe milestone” ? Feel free to check my Official Résumé right here in my About Section. 😉

See you there!