Maybe This Time..(Part 1)

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Hello My people,

I’d like to share with you the most important milestone so far in my acting career. The little movie I acted in, which actually enhanced artistic opportunities for me! I might say that it is thanks to that spontaneous creation that I am now writing this blog on MY website to YOU! is a one-minute-short movie called “MAYBE ANOTHER TIME” directed by the talented Martinique born Khris Burton.

All the odds were against us to shoot that thing. Caribbean summer time is the laziest and slowest period of the year. I was there, partying everyday and most of the local technical crew was away enjoying holidays abroad with their family. Khris called me one day and suggested a script I found sassy and direct. I was In straight away.

The challenge was back then to get in the 2015 London Filminute Festival official selection.
The script was perfect..but was it possible to make it happen in a period when everything gets slower? First, I had to find my female partner as the story deals with Love and War. I straightly thought about Gloriah Bonheur, a very generous and hardworking actress whom could be ready in sec for this spontaneous adventure. She was available. First good news! Then we discovered that most of the crew we wanted to work with was effectively available and ready to get in! Second good news! Finally Everything was ready for us to shoot.

It was such a blast as when all felt special and blessed by the fact that: LIFE finally decided to be our EXECUTIVE PRODUCER on that project. Click To Tweet
Gloriah and I had organized rehearsal for an entire week, working on our French accent making them less aggressive for the English-speaking audience’s hears. Because, yeah, French is our first language but English was mandatory if we wanted to connect a great amount of people around the world.

You wanna see the result ?..please check the “Maybe Another Time” one-minute short movie right there in my Gallery and I’ll tell you more about how it actually boosted my career in my next post. 😉