Me, Myself and You

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Hi people!

My name is Vincent Vermignon and I am black actor in Paris. Yeah, I know it is a bit disturbing to stress on the black aspect of my artistic occupation on first sentence, but hey, it makes it specific. Let’s face it!

As I am new to this, I‘ll be as natural as possible, not filtering my feelings so you’ll have a full perspective of my humanity.  I don’t know what I am going to talk about but I dare to take the flow and see what I’ll be surprised by.

I am from Martinique, a French Caribbean island. I grew up there, spent some time abroad living a corporate life before I decided to move to Paris and become a full-time actor. Crazy choice? Yeah, it seems to be one!  But I have never experienced so many crazy (in a good way) situations since I traded my suits for a new-day-new-character type of life.

This said, I am finally tempted to discuss subjects such as being black in a Western Culture, the actor’s life (struggle struggle SUCCESS struggle struggle) and other minor things composing the life of a guy in his early thirties who enjoys jerk chicken as much as pains au chocolat.

How to not get lost between the need of recognition, acceptation and roots, so different from Western codes that you have to embrace to function on a daily basis? How to find a balance? How to feel comfortable between your rootsy home and the western-culture-oriented outside?

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Then, I did many things I didn’t like. I knew by the mere unbalanced feeling I had that I wasn’t well centered.

But how did I manage to finally listen to myself and be cooool widat!!

Please read my next blog post to hear about how I figured that out!